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Hej hej, Philippe here from Forneby 224. Here is a new Blog entry about what's new and how we are doing.

Wildfires: As you probably know, there are a lot of Wildfires here in Sweden at the moment. Fortunately there is none close to us, we had a close one, one month ago, but that is out. It is forbidden to make BBQ's in all Sweden and everything looks burned and dry. It is hot, 28-33 degrees every day, and we only had 5 rain-days in 4 months. Not good, so please all pray for rain.

Vineyard: Growing like crazy! See pictures from the one at the terrace. I started leading them horizontally today, so that they will cover all the side of the terrace one day. :-)

Bookings: This summer we were all booked out!!! Until mid September it is still booked out and the first bookings for summer 2019 are flying in. Already 3 weeks in July 2019 are gone. We have some bookings in line for this October and we have a confirmation for new years eve and the two weeks after. So if you are still undecided, well get going as long as the cake is still hot! :-)

Canoeing: We had a lot of canoeing trips already, and people love it, and we are constantly finding new and exciting places to go!

This is it for today, we from Forneby 224 wish you all the best and hope to welcome you here soon.

Hej då!

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